Are Rent Cases for Escorts in Singapore Allowed?


Renting a property in Singapore is without a doubt very easy due to the fact that there are plenty of foreigners who come for business here, and not only. However, there is a question that many ask themselves these days. Are rent cases for  Singapore escorts allowed? This is something that must be discussed a bit more detailed in this article so that anyone who is confused regarding this aspect could get the right answer.


The truth is that there have been many cases when the landlord didn’t know that he rented his property to escorts. However, this is definitely not allowed in Singapore. This country has plenty of escorts of all ages and nationalities, but most of them work in hotels. Basically, they choose a certain hotel, depending on where the client has the accommodation. By doing so, they keep their life private and no one will ever know where they actually live. Most of the men who request this type of services are foreigners and most probably they never come back.


There are also some landlords who do rent their properties to escorts even though this is illegal in Singapore. In these situations, the escort usually has two homes so that her privacy can be protected. A place is for meeting the clients whereas the other one is where the girl lives. Having two rented homes can be quite expensive and that’s why many escorts do not afford this. Keep in mind that the girls who choose to meet their clients in hotels don’t pay for anything as the room is always paid by the client, which in this case, when the escort has a rented apartment, she has to pay for it.


Some landlord in Singapore even rent their homes to escorts and they receive some commissions in order to keep everything secret, which is without a doubt illegal. Encouraging this type of activity will not help anyone, and the things could become even worse in the end, because you never know what type of people can enter your home. Remember that there are plenty of dangerous people and they can always come in contact with the escort that has rented your property.


There is no doubt that there are advantages and disadvantages as well when it comes to renting a house, but as a landlord in Singapore, you must be very well informed regarding the law, so that you avoid being fined. Take into account the fact that the fines here are quite big. The best thing you can do is to rent your apartment to serious people who will certainly not create yo any sort of problems.


As mentioned earlier in this article it is very important to respect the law in Singapore and not only when it comes to renting an apartment or house, in order to avoid dealing with possible problems in the future. And those girl who work as escorts must know that it is much safer for them to do their job in a hotel than in an apartment.

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