What Qualities a Good Singapore Property Agent Must Have?

There have been a few cases of real estate agents going to rogue over the years in Singapore, and perhaps you actually know a victim of this type of scams. Therefore, in order to not be involved in a situation like this you must make sure you collaborate with a serious and professional agent. Whether you are a home buyer or an owner, you must definitely vet estate agents before engaging them. Here are some essential qualities a good Singapore property agent must have.



This quality is absolutely essential for a real estate agent. It can be quite stressful and frustrating dealing with a person who is a poor communicator. The client will most probably feel that he is doing more work than the agent. Keep in mind that professional agents will constantly keep you updated, and they will not wait for you to call them and ask them different questions.


Keep in mind that those agents who usually take up any deal even if the commission they receive is quite low, are without a doubt the ones that you want to engage. They are very dedicated to their job and very persistent in pursuing any deal. Even if these agents face rejection, they do not concede defeat. They will try to find other ways to overcome all the difficulties they face. This type of real estate consultants who deliver the best deals to their clients are the ones that you need in order to buy your dream house.


There are many consultants who choose to close a deal as soon as possible instead of haggling for a couple of thousands more as their commissions do not increase too much. This must serve as an indicator that the consultant doesn’t have your best interests in mind. As a home owner, a very easy giveway is how an agent actually deals with your property before a viewing. Reliable property agents will ensure that the whole house looks tidy and extremely presentable before the possible buyer arrives. This is the type of agent you need and even if you pay a bit more for his commission you will certainly benefit from high-quality services.


There is no doubt that you want an honest collaboration. Therefore, you must make sure you hire not only professional real estate agent but an honest one as well. A proper agent is serious about disclosure, and is required to reveal any source of referral fee and any potential conflict of interest as well. More than this, a reliable agent will always inform you about any commission even before you actually ask. There are some real estate agents who try to secure the deal by promising a very low commission rate, which means that the agent is likely to list your house at an inexpensive price in order to get a fast deal. You must be very careful at this type of things in order to make sure your property will be sold at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that a good agent needs to provide genuine valuations instead of deceiving his clients.


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